Overall criteria

The Awards are looking for work that demonstrates stand out creativity combined with proven effectiveness for the client.

The categories are divided into 3 main groups – Disruptors/Collaborators/Pioneers.  See the list of categories and criteria for each category below.

This set of categories is for projects that change the status quo and have innovation at their heart. The categories in this group are:

Best use of experiential technology

Whilst there's never been more new technology available to brands and their agencies, harnessing its power effectively is an art form in itself. This award recognises campaigns that have resulted in great brand engagement, through effective use of new technology. In particular judges will be looking for an application of technology that is genuinely innovative, even if the technology itself is not being used for the first time.



Most effective programmatic creative

We've all seen the horror stories of when programmatic goes wrong, but used wisely it can produce truly creative engaging campaigns. This award is open to media owners, media agencies, brands or creative agencies who have tamed the programmatic beast and created memorable campaigns as a result. The judges will be looking for work clearly demonstrates a masterful understanding and use of programmatic's enhanced targeting and optimisation capabilities. 



Best attribution study

This category awards case studies that demonstrate a masterful understanding of touchpoints along the consumer journey. You've used clever targeting, search optimisation and a marketing and media strategy that has led to high consumer conversions and raised sales targets. 


Most creative personalisation

Highly targeted campaigns are nothing new, but technology is now allowing marketers and their agencies to create personalised campaigns that really appeal to their target market and make each and every consumer feel like they have unique relationship with the brand involved. The category is open to brands, agencies and media owners who have executed personalised campaigns with creativity at their heart.



International technology-powered campaign of the year

As a global brand, Campaign recognises that great creativity is not confined within borders and that technology is often a universal language. This award recognises campaigns that have run outside of the UK, which have technology at their heart. The judges will also be looking for illustrations of where teams have successfully met the demands of engaging consumers across different geographical and cultural boundaries.



Most effective use of AI

Everyone's talking about it, but use of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality can so often be full of pitfalls for brands and agencies:  How to be really effective and engaging rather than just gimmicky? This award recognises those campaigns that have shown clear understanding of how to use AI and AR to the greatest effect, especially where the technology genuinely enhances the creative impact of the campaign.


Awarded to stand out working relationships between agency/client/tech provider.

Agency/tech collaboration of the year

Real working collaboration between digital, creative and media agencies and their technology providers can produce incredibly powerful results for clients. At the heart of the Creative Technology Awards lies the desire to commend and encourage collaboration in the industry. This award recognises those agencies and tech suppliers who have really become partners, to the ultimate benefit of their clients and is open to agencies ( PR, creative, digital, social and media) or tech providers to enter either jointly or individually.



Integrated campaign/technology of the year

In a world where integration is perhaps the ultimate buzz word, how to produce a truly integrated campaign remains elusive for many. This award seeks to recognise agencies who have gone beyond a token gesture to integration and really put this at the heart of their campaign.



These categories are for work at the forefront of change and development, changing the way the industry works.

Tech for good award

The winner of this award will demonstrate excellence in using technology in a creative campaign, ideation or delivery for a good cause. Entries can be from commercial brands, agencies or tech providers.

You will show how you have identified a specific audience need and created a piece of work (any medium) that answers this brief in a way that pushes boundaries. It may or may not be pro bono work.



Breakthrough technology award

This award will recognise the best tech innovation. Whether it’s wearable tech, hyper-personalisation or a specific custom technology, being able to demonstrate that the work made a difference to the bottom line is key in this category. From programmatic to VR, the winning entry could come from a broad area of tech innovation and the winner must be a able to demonstrate how they have used tech in an effective way for a brand.



Customer experience award

Rewarding agencies, brands or media owners who have used technology to provide consumers with the ultimate holy grail of the moment - a truly rewarding customer experience, be this through a live event, online experience, or in-store service.



Best use of customer insight

While it’s never been easier to amass data, marketers are still getting to grips with what they should actually do with it and how to extract real customer insight. This award seeks to recognise innovative brand activity underpinned by a creative use of data. The winning work will show that data was used not only to solve a problem but also contributed to the brand’s overall marketing mission.



Best audience engagement

This award will recognise the technology and creativity behind campaigns that produce real, demonstrable engagement with their target audience.



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